Sabtu, 18 Jun 2011

ThE rEaPpEaraNce Of nORaZiLa BiNti KhAMis!!!!

Wow!!!its been almost a year i never update my blog!!!
I'm so sorry, so busy all the time so that i dont ve time to visit my own blog.OH omg!!!
But after this, i'll try my best tp update my blog twice a week.(if i can)heheheh..

For new information now, my new schedule and new activies now it just like below:
  1. continue studying in Master(Malay Language)-University of Malaya
  2. I'm teaching now at Wardah Edu Centre (Pantai Murni) and British International School Kuala Lumpur as a teacher
  3. Starting my new job on this coming 20 June 2011 as  Telemarketing Executive at Global Travel International (Ampang Park)
  4. rushing to prepare my thesis proposal(asap!!!)
So...that's my new activities that i can share with u all.

p/s:-Actually, this month my life become really though, tight, challenging, and rushing (hectic).huhuhu...thats the sacrife that i must do to achieve the SUCCES!!!